Nov 282006

November 28, 2006 – January 25, 2007


A group show featuring works by:

Lee Boroson  /  Nancy Braver  /  John Buck  /  Mary Ann Collins  /  David Hicks / Ellina Kevorkian  /  Rachel Lachowicz  /  Hwa-Jin Lee  /  Maria Nepomuceno  /  Pasha Rafat Peter Shelton  /  Jesse Simon  /  Bob Van Breda  /  Rosha Yaghmai  /  Mary Younakof / Eric Zammit


Matter of Fact is a group show curated by Homeira Goldstein, Chairman of the Board of ARTS Manhattan, and assisted by Heather Harmon. The exhibition title, Matter of Fact, refers to the basic inspiration for the show: matter.  The theme deals with innovative process in art making and includes work that challenges the idea of medium.  Here things are either not what they seem or the materials used by the artists are pushed to entirely new and unexpected levels.  Of the fifteen artists participating in the show, all works are created with a reverence to craft and invention.  Mary Ann Collins’ devastatingly beautiful piece, Under Construction, is made of chocolate, while Jesse Simon’s incredibly complex sculpture is made of re-fabricated surfboards.  Goldstein has been curating shows at the Manhattan Beach Arts Center for over six years, since its inception, and continues to present both challenging and refreshing exhibitions to the public.

Nov 142005

November 14, 2005 – January 13, 2006

Curated by Homeira Goldstein, Chairman of the Board of ARTS Manhattan, this solo Exhibition spotlights Katy Stone, a Seattle, Washington Based emerging artist.

Originally from Iowa, Katy Stone received her M.F.A. in Painting from the University of Washington in 1994.  Her work, an intriguing coalescence of drawing, painting and sculpture, has been exhibited at venues both nationally and internationally.  In the past two years, she has celebrated a number of debuts including her first solo show in New York, site-specific installations at the Boise Art Museum in Boise, Idaho and Suyama Space, an alternative exhibition space in Seattle, with inclusions in Art Basel, Art Cologne and the Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea.  Featured in an upcoming article in Sculpture Magazine, and in a number of recent group shows including “Earthly Delights,” at MASS Art in Boston, “Landscape: Theme and Variations,” at the Schneider Museum in Ashland, Oregon, and “Resurfaced,” at Boston University, she continues to attract attention for her innovative use of materials and construction methods.  She serves an Assistant Professor in the School of Digital Arts at Henry Cogswell College in Everett, Washington.

Katy sees her work as a combination of drawing, painting, and sculpture.  Beginning with the accumulation of painted marks on transparent mylar; she cuts out and layers these elements into objects of greatly varied scale.  Pinning the works directly to the wall, placing them on the floor, or suspending them from ceiling support boxes, she arranges them in groupings to create installations and environments.  Her approach is a pairing of impulse, labor, intention, and chance.   It is important that the work has a tangible sense of life, directly informed by its method of creation, and the physicality of its materials.  The presence of the work underscores its themes.

A large part of her inspiration comes from the forms and the forces of nature.  Many of the shapes and configurations allude to motions or unnamable organic processes.  There are recurring references to vital fluids like water and blood; physical actions like falling and spilling; qualities such as delicacy and weightlessness, dualities such as beauty and decay.  Over the years the work has moved from abstraction toward representation, yet it remains suggestive, not literal.   Fundamentally, she is driven by the desire to reveal the poetic relationship between what is known and seen and what is non-verbal and ineffable in life around us.

Jan 312005

January 31 – March 16, 2005

A group exhibition curated by Homeira Goldstein and Nick Agid, featuring work by Rudy Autio, Donna billick, Chukes, Jack Earl, Raymond Elozua, Margaret Ford, Stan Hunter, Sergei Isupov, Jun Kaneko, Michael Lucero, John Mason, Beverly Mayeri, Ken Price, Damian Ross, Hedi Ernst Schmid, Charles Sherman, Kathryn Spence, Peter Vandenberge, Peter Voulkos, and Betty Woodman.

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Dec 032003

December 3, 2003 – January 15, 2004

An exhibition at the Manhattan Beach Art Center featuring work by Tom Wudl and Gwen Murrill.

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Nov 212002

November 21, 2002 – January 17, 2003

A group show at the Manhattan Beach Art Center, featuring work by Nick Agid, Craig Antrim, Allen Bollinger, Ruth Dennis, Jacy Diggins, Frank Espiritu, Steven Friedman, Michael Griffin, John Jebb, Eric Johnson, Ron Linden, Andy Moses, Jim Murray, Simon Ouwerkerk, Nancy Towne-Schultz, and Joyce Weiss.

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Jul 012002

July 20 – August 31, 2002

An international group exhibition of contemporary glass artists, featuring work by Ben Tre, Livio Seguso, Jose Chardiet, Kazuo Kadonaga, Mary Shaffer, Albert Paley, Daniel Clayman, Rick Beck, Bella Feldman, John Lubetow, and Sally Rogers.

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Jan 012001

January – March, 2001

A group show in the Manhattan Heights Annex, featuring work by Nick Agid, Lynn Aldrich, Charles Arnoldi, Tony Barone, Ed Benavente, Tony Berlant, Sam Francis, Charles Garabedian, Joe Goode, Ed moses, Simon Ouwerkerk, Ken Price, Peter Shelton, Adam Sherman, Carl Swallow, Robert Toll, DeWain Valentine, and Robert Wilhite.

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