Nov 182009

November 18, 2009 – January 14, 2010

Curated by Homeira Goldstein, Chairman of the Board of ARTS Manhattan,”My World” presents watercolor works of intense reflections and inspirations done by artist Gayle Garner Roski, a native of Los Angeles.  She studied Fine Arts at the University of Southern California, and her vibrant watercolors have been exhibited extensively in museums and galleries from Southern California to Scotland.

A Plein-air watercolorist, a lover of L.A. and avid world traveler, Roski has visited neighborhoods all over in her native City and explored some of the most remote parts of the globe diving un-chartered waters off New Guinea and climbing the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, always with paints and sketchbook in hand amalgamating the nature and her art capturing the essence and beauty of her subject matter in brilliant and exuberant colors.  One of the great joys of travel for her is seeing how creativity is expressed throughout the world.  Connecting to the Art and Artisans of different cultures gives her a profound inspiration.

Gayle is also an illustrator.  She has illustrated children’s books a first of which is: “Meiling in China City”, a multi cultural book based on a true story of events during World War II in Los Angeles China City and is working on a U.S.C. Alumni Association cookbook, which will be released this month with original paintings to be exhibited in January 2010.

Roski bridges her fine art career with her civic dedication.  She is Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for the City of Los Angeles and has headed Public Art projects throughout the City, including the LA Angel project.  Roski is also Chairman of Art for the Cathedral of Los Angeles.  She also serves on the Executive Board of the California Art Club and the University of Southern California, School of Fine Arts which bears her name.

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