Nov 282006

November 28, 2006 – January 25, 2007


A group show featuring works by:

Lee Boroson  /  Nancy Braver  /  John Buck  /  Mary Ann Collins  /  David Hicks / Ellina Kevorkian  /  Rachel Lachowicz  /  Hwa-Jin Lee  /  Maria Nepomuceno  /  Pasha Rafat Peter Shelton  /  Jesse Simon  /  Bob Van Breda  /  Rosha Yaghmai  /  Mary Younakof / Eric Zammit


Matter of Fact is a group show curated by Homeira Goldstein, Chairman of the Board of ARTS Manhattan, and assisted by Heather Harmon. The exhibition title, Matter of Fact, refers to the basic inspiration for the show: matter.  The theme deals with innovative process in art making and includes work that challenges the idea of medium.  Here things are either not what they seem or the materials used by the artists are pushed to entirely new and unexpected levels.  Of the fifteen artists participating in the show, all works are created with a reverence to craft and invention.  Mary Ann Collins’ devastatingly beautiful piece, Under Construction, is made of chocolate, while Jesse Simon’s incredibly complex sculpture is made of re-fabricated surfboards.  Goldstein has been curating shows at the Manhattan Beach Arts Center for over six years, since its inception, and continues to present both challenging and refreshing exhibitions to the public.

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